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01. 08. 2023

UDE American Studies Graduate Students Faculty Led Program to New York City

October 27, 2023

American Studies at University of Duisburg-Essen is dedicated to the multidisciplinary study of North America, its manifold and often conflicting cultural geographies, literary and cultural production, and multi-ethnic urban and rural societies. Major fields of inquiry include early modern, colonial, romantic, and contemporary literature and history, ethnicity, border cultures, interculturalism, hemispheric and transatlantic relations, urban spaces and places, religion, film, and television. We are particularly interested in the interconnections between U.S. American and Canadian, Caribbean, and Latin American cultures and literatures as well as in the imaginary and actual crossings of multiple borders in North America from the fifteenth to the twenty-first century.

Using a variety of teaching methods (including electronic media and interactive platforms), about twenty instructors offer basic courses in literary analysis, American literary history, and American civilization geared toward students in their first three semesters as well as seminars and lectures on more specialized topics, allowing students to choose their own areas of specialization beginning with their fourth semester in any of our department's B.A. programs. Our master's program in American Studies includes courses on academic writing, literary and cultural theory, methodologies of American Studies, individual authors, interculturalism, media, and a variety of research topics.

University Alliance Ruhr meets with 16 master students and two faculty members at the German Consulate to share experiences and brainstorm student research topics.

Working Schedule:



October 23


October 24


October 25


October 26


October 27

Florian Deckers Guided Tour: Bushwick Mural and the LatinX community in Brooklyn

Florian Freitag and Mark Noonan Guided Tour: Printing House Square and New York Periodicals

Florian Freitag and Amanda Deutch: Coney Island

I'm a Private Dancer

Reading of Jamal Story

Taking Stock

Discussion of initial ideas and projects


Mark Noonan Lunch Lecture: Immigrant Periodicals in NYC

Coney Island History Project: Visit to the Archives

Optional: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (reading with Florian Freitag and Florian Deckers)

UA Ruhr Office Visit and Lunch with Priya S. Nayar


Brooklyn Public Library: Visit to the Archives Researching Immigrant Periodicals

Amanda Deutch Reading and Workshop: Coney Island Poetry

Optional: Visit to Ellis Island

Optional: Visit to a Broadway musical

Florian Freitag and Florian Deckers: Return visit to Bushwick, Brooklyn Public Library or Coney Island, depending on the idea/project