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07. 02. 2024

Germany Today 2024

Germany Today 2024

New Opportunities and Challenges for German Universities: Adapting to Enrollment Changes, Matching New Job Market Expectations, and Embracing Diversity in the Student Body

June 16 – June 22, 2024

Frankfurt, Heilbronn, Stuttgart, Reutlingen, Augsburg and Munich

DAAD invites representatives from universities, research institutions and funding agencies in the United States and Canada, as well as colleagues from the fields of education policy and politics, to join us for our “Germany Today” Information Tour 2024.

DAAD’s information tour “Germany Today” is designed to give participants a broad overview of Germany’s higher education landscape. This includes:

  • ➢ An overview of Germany’s higher education and research systems
  • ➢ An update on current developments, innovative projects, and structural reforms
  • ➢ Details about BA and MA programs, as well as PhD training at various institutions
  • ➢ Information on funding opportunities for academic exchange and institutional cooperation

This year’s tour will focus on the opportunities and challenges faced by German universities in the broader context of society, the workforce, and a rapidly evolving geopolitical environment.

For Germany, as an aging society with a growing skills shortage, attracting international students and scientists and integrating them successfully into society and the labor market is of prime importance. Universities play a pivotal role in this context. Additionally, the evolving demands on the German business model, coupled with changing expectations from employers and employees, spark discussions on the competencies required for successful economic and societal development.

The Germany Today 2024 tour provides a platform for participants to engage in the exchange of best practices, effective methodologies, and lessons learned between German hosts and North American guests.

2024 Germany Today
2024 Germany Today