UA Ruhr Events

30. 01. 2024

Smart Minds meet Smart Machines - AI for Science and the Public Good

April 08, 2024

UA Ruhr, DWIH, and the Lamarr Institute for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence came together on April 8th, 2024 for a fireside chat, luncheon, followed by talks and discussions at the German Consulate New York to kickstart the delegations' US visit. Panel Discussion: NYU's Assistant Vice Provost for Research Planning and Analysis, Prof. Dr. Nina Gray in conversation with Prof. Dr. Emmanuel MüllerProf. Dr. Lucie Flek, Prof. Dr. Thomas LiebigProf. Dr. Smaranda Muresan, Prof. Dr. Joel R Tetreault, and Prof. Dr. Felix Heide.
The Lamarr experts are investigating how the latest AI research results can provide much needed answers to pressing questions of our time – whether in medicine, environmental and climate protection or industrial production. Following the discussion will be spotlight talks by Prof. Dr. Rachel CummingsProf. Dr. Mengye Ren, Prof. Dr. Christoph M. E. Paus, and Dr. Bryan Perozzi