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09. 11. 2023

Informal Networks in International Business

November 09, 2023

UA Ruhr North America together with our partner 1014 – Space for Ideas are hosting an event on Informal Networks in International Business with University of Duisburg-Essen alumni Dr. Sven Horak (St John's University), Dr. Sheila M. Puffer (Northeastern University), Dr. Mridul Agrawal (iuvando Health), and Dr. Grace Chun Guo (Sacred Heart University). The event will feature a keynote address from Consul General Euy Whan Kim, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in New York and active informal networking! 

Join us on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm at 1014 - Space for Ideas in New York City.

This event will provide a platform for participants to share insights, experiences, and best practices related to informal networks in international business, citing the "networking societies" in East Asia that are believed to have developed connections between business and politics as one example.

The speakers will highlight the vital role that Informal Networks can play in providing access to valuable information, resources, and contacts, as well as fostering trust and collaboration among individuals and organizations.

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