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12. 06. 2023

Germany Today 2023

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers an annual information tour, aptly named "Germany Today”, which provides a comprehensive overview of Germany's higher education system. In 2023, the tour's spotlight was on "German Higher Education and their Collaboration with Industry." The tour shed light on the dynamic relationship between German universities and their industry and corporate partners. As part of the DAAD’s "Germany Today 2023” information tour, UA Ruhr hosted a dinner on Monday, June 12th followed by a day of roundtables and networking opportunities for the 25 delegation members to meet with University Alliance Ruhr institutional representatives at TU Dortmund University’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Transfer (CET) on Tuesday June 13th. The delegation also visited BioMedizinZentrum Dortmund – a competence center of the TechnologieZentrum Dortmund that supports transfer from scientific institutions in the region and promotes interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation between various research and development areas.

Participants for the UA Ruhr program included representatives from all three UA Ruhr institutions, the rectorates offices, international offices, entrepreneurship, startup and transfer centers, RISE Scholars, UA Ruhr Fellows, international researchers, and others, who had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the German Today delegation, participate in two roundtable discussions as well as the networking reception. The morning of June 13th started with an inspiring welcome address by the President of TU Dortmund University Prof. Dr. Manfred Bayer who highlighted the importance of partnership, collaboration, teamwork, and exchange. Prof. Bayer, an avid football fan, shared some personal insights of the strength of the transatlantic relationship drawing on the metaphor of sports. The welcome address was followed by an introduction to CET by Managing Director Dr. Ronald Kriedel who hosted the delegation at their offices.

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June 12

June 13   

  Roundtable discussion: Entrepreneurship and Transfer


Roundtable discussion: Diversity, Internationalization, and University Culture

Dinner - Zeche Zollverein BMZ Dortmund