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12. 05. 2022

Two at 1014: Norman Kleeblatt in Conversation with Mischa Kuball

May 19, 2022

1014 Mischa Kuball
1014 Mischa Kuball

Co-hosted in partnership between 1014, the Leo Baeck Institute and the University Alliance Ruhr: North American offices of the Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Two of Mischa Kuball’s works on display at 1014 are the product of in-depth research into the work of the cultural scholar Aby Warburg, who developed his picture atlas Mnemosyne in the 1920s. It arranged photographic reproductions of works of art on 63 panels alongside contemporary clippings from newspapers and advertisements in a collage-like manner. The composition of the images aimed to trace gestures and patterns that tended to be similar, ranging from antiquity to the Renaissance to the present day. Through this composition, Warburg wanted to visualize the interweaving of epochs in the manner of a cross-temporal pictorial memory. Retrospectively, his rearrangement of canonized works and their consideration across epochs appear as a visionary anticipation of today's image and media studies.

res·o·nant, the third work on display, is a reference to the walk-through light and sound installation, which was exhibited at the Jewish Museum Berlin exhibited in 2017. Kuball created the installation specially for the new exhibition space on the lower ground floor of the Daniel Libeskind building.

More information on the event and the link for registration here.