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05. 10. 2021

UA Ruhr at the Future Forum - Before After (October 14-15)

FOR RELEASE OCTOBER 05, 2021 AT 08:00 A.M. EST – Long Do Hoang

Collaborating with the CET (Centrum für Entrepreneurship & Transfer) of TU Dortmund University, the UA Ruhr NY will present at this year’s Future Forum. The presentation will highlight the centers of entrepreneurship at UA Ruhr and its fundamental role in facilitating opportunities and resources to the development and success of student start-ups in the Ruhr Region.

Hosted by the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York, the FUTURE FORUM is a 2-day gathering of curious minds from academia, industry, the arts and policy. This year’s theme BEFORE AFTER brings together German and American scientists, researchers, artists and entrepreneurs across industries to tell their stories of change, both streaming remotely and live from Chicago.

The Covid-19 crisis upended nearly every industry and reshaped our lives and relationships. As we negotiate the next normal, hear the stories of the precise moment just before after, the tipping point at which change was decisively in motion and one’s only reaction was either to evolve or to adapt. Before After is a framework for creating and integrating hybrid models for living, working, and learning.

The young social start-up Heimbridge, founded by TU Dortmund University students, will join the presentation. The start-up will talk about their innovative idea to support seniors over the age of 60 to become more affluent in digital participation. Following a three-column business model including a digital platform with intuitive design, personalized content, and simplified form of communication, Heimbridge’s goal is to encourage the 8 million seniors over 60 in Germany and enable them to act more confidently online.

More details about the event can be found here.